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  • Our pets hold a special place in our lives, in our families and in our hearts. These precious creatures, entrusted to us for such a short time, provide us with unwavering loyalty, undying affection and unconditional love. They deserve the very best, especially when it comes to veterinary care. If you’re new to the Clive, IA area, recently added a new furry member to your family, or are just looking for an experienced vet that not only has all of the services and treatment options you need, we invite you to give University West Pet Clinic a try. We hope to see you soon   We’ve made taking care of your pet’s health easier than ever by giving you access to our useful online tools.  https://www.vetsecure.com/universitywestpetclinic.com/login/

    What’s the big deal about hea...

    Mar 16, 2015

    “What’s the big deal about heartworms anyway?”  Heartworm disease is a potentially deadly disease of the heart and lungs.  All dogs (and cats, too) are at risk.  Just like the … Read More »