When people become ill or suffer some kind of injury that requires medical attention, they simply go to the doctor, explain the problem and receive the appropriate treatment. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple for our pets.

When an animal is sick or has been injured, it’s not always easy to tell what’s wrong just by looking at them. Often times, even a thorough physical exam by the vet isn’t enough to determine what’s bothering them. And since they can’t speak to tell us what’s wrong, explain their symptoms or show us where it hurts, managing the situation can be a challenge. That’s where veterinary diagnostics come into play. These tools allow us to get a glimpse below the surface of the skin to learn exactly what’s happening inside your pet’s body.

University West Pet Clinic utilizes a broad range of diagnostic tools to help us diagnose and treat our patients in a timely manner. The sooner we can determine what’s ailing your pet, the better the chances of a full and speedy recovery. Our diagnostic capabilities range from routine lab tests, like blood work and urinalysis, to more advanced techniques, such as digital radiology (x-ray) and ultrasound imaging. What’s more, our in-house laboratory provides for the fast and accurate retrieval of test results.

If your pet hasn’t been feeling well and you suspect he or she may be sick or injured, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re well equipped and fully prepared to get to the bottom of your pet’s symptoms so we can get them on the road to good health again as soon as possible.